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The Gharial Conservation Alliance (GCA) is an international organization of individuals in a variety of disciplines, who are dedicated to saving gharials from extinction and ensuring the establishment of sustainable wild populations. Conservation efforts of the GCA range from scientific population surveys, captive breeding and wild restocking programs, to education, awareness, and government lobbying. Several international zoos have become major players in gharial conservation through public education, awareness activities, and fundraising campaigns.

GCA Mission:

The GCA seeks to determine the status of the gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) throughout its range, identify the threats to the species, and to establish conservation programs to ensure the gharial’s survival into the future.

The Team

Jeff Lang – Scientific Advisor

Pankaj Kumar – Field Assistant


AZA Crocodile Advisory Group (USA)

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Cleveland Zoological Society (USA)

Dallas Zoo (USA)

Herpetofauna Foundation (The Netherlands)

International Reptile Conservation Foundation

Krokodille Zoo (Denmark)

Lowry Park Zoo (USA)

Nashville Zoo (USA)

National Reptile Breeders’ Expo (USA)

Reptile Village Zoo (Ireland)

San Diego Zoo (USA)

St. Augustine Alligator Farm (USA)

Wildlife Conservation Society (USA)

ZGAP e.V. (Germany)

Cullen Vivarium (USA)

Eddy Even (The Netherlands) and Florian Häselbarth (Germany)

Prague Zoo/Capital City of Prague (Czech Republic)

Zeigler & Zeigler, Inc


Gharial Conservation Alliance

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