Gharial Conservation Alliance

Education and Outreach


Public awareness of the plight of gharials will be necessary in order to galvanize public support for gharials and instigate government action to enforce protection of gharials and their habitat. GCA members have written a number of magazine and newspaper articles which may be found in the Resources section.

If you are a journalist interested in writing a story about gharials please contact us.


Zoos are one of the best forms of public education. To see a gharial face to face is to appreciate the uniqueness of this animal. So far GCA partners in the zoo sector have played a vital role in public education and fundraising for gharial research and conservation efforts. We encourage all zoos with gharials to set up educational displays and activities to raise support for and awareness of gharials.

Community Education

Involvement and support of the local community is imperative for the future success of gharial conservation in its last remaining habitats. The GCA is developing a community education program, aimed at the people who live alongside gharials, as part of a larger strategy to work with local people towards mutually beneficial strategies for conservation of gharials and their riverine habitat. GCA is teaming up with other NGOs to produce educational materials on gharials which will be distributed in local languages throughout gharial range areas as well as a short film on the gharial conservation crisis to be shown locally and internationally. A plan is being developed for innovative and interactive educational activities, such as a travelling performance troupe, to carry the message about gharial and river conservation.

Community Cooperation and Eco-Development

The GCA is working on programs to find solutions to the gharial conservation crisis that will also benefit the local people living alongside gharials. These programs will be developed in cooperation with local people, and will involve strategies such as finding alternative livelihoods for people currently employed in environmentally destructive and illegal activities such as fishing and sand-mining within Protected Areas.


Gharial Conservation Alliance Flyer (Hindi): Download pdf