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Gharial Spatial Database

Shakthi Sritharan
Posted on: August 2, 2014

Gharial Spatial Database has been constructed to serve as a freely accessible platform for monitoring gharial population and their conservation threats, inside and outside protected areas. This database will help us assess the status of gharial across the range in India and develop a prioritization mechanism to determine the most important areas for gharial conservation, based on factors important for the long-term survival of the gharial.

Gharial sightings and their conservation threats reported in published literatures over time were collated, with their respective location information. Boundaries of protected areas, where gharial populations were historically found, were mapped. These data were complied together to form a spatial database. This database is free-to-access and allows participation from other institutions, forest departments, students, researchers, NGOs etc.

Users can register themselves and upload/download data points. All data points will be moderated before publishing on the website. (Link)

Screen shots of the website:

Home page


PA Sightings

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